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その2! | La-na※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.


その2! | La-na
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

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im glad god made you.


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i think ive watched enough anime to know how to fight


*starts forming Naruto hand seals*

Anonymous said: Ew, artifidex is a lolicon? Pretty sure they are a homophobe too, always trying to claim Kyousuke & Riki and Komari & Rin are *just friends* even with all that evidence staring them in the face. Gross, man.



YOU KNOW WHAT, ANON? I LIKE YOU. It is disgusting that they claim to be a lolicon. :)

And that brings me to a story! You know why artifedex ‘despises’ me (actual quote, I shit u not) so much? Because she used to follow me and kyousgaynatsume, but she’d do this weird thing where she’d vagueblog about things we’d recently posted. The KomaRin thing is one example. Me and kyousgay had just reblogged some cute KomaRin stuff, because we like the pairing. Ok. No harm done.

Artifedex over here, two seconds later, makes a post taking people liking KomaRin as a personal attack on her sexuality and went on a huge tangent how she hates that people ship them, and that it offends her, because she has a female best friend, and apparently people would ask if they were lesbian lovers, etc. etc. You know. The thing most girls get asked about their friends. Either that or “are you sisters?” if you happen to look kind of similar.

So she starts whining that she hates people shipping it because she was so offended when people inquired about her sexuality, for whatever weird ass reason, and since she and her friend weren’t lesbian lovers, that meant Komari and Rin couldn’t be, either. And let me tell you, if artifedex and her buddy act so similar to Komari and Rin, I can assert that they must’ve been 100% Homotastic, full on, hard gay. Because Komari and Rin are gay as fuck.

Dunno why she had to take it so personally, and why she got so weirdly offended to be asked an innocent question, but alright. If you’re so homophobic that you have to hate on a ship and hate the idea of gays so much that someone wondering if you’re gay just makes you go into a frothing rage. SHRUG.

It was also weird that she seemed to blog this right after we reblogged the KomaRin, but it wasn’t until we’d reblogged a fedora joke and she took that as a personal insult about herself and another friend (i.e. “omg I have a friend who wears fedoras and he would never act that way I cannot believe this NOT ALL MEN”) that we called her out on it. And when we called her out for having this weird tendency to TOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUSLY vagueblog about things we’d literally just reblogged, she got really mad and then started the whole “ur givin me panic attax” because that’s the most credible thing to hear on this site, and it totally works that way and causes people to act melodramatic like that. Mmhm. That’s like the time I knew a girl who claimed to have DID, and described it basically as the type of MPD you see in the movies. But that is neither here nor there.

Since then, I’ve seen her vagueblog about some other people that aren’t us now that she isn’t following us, she jumped into a conversation that she was not invited to (about The Walking Dead Game) to tell the person I was talking to that they hated me, like anyone even cared, and just generally she gets into wacky shenanigans with the dudebro side of the fandom that no one really likes, but, much like a creepy uncle, you say nothing and scoot away and hope it doesn’t make eye contact with you, but occasionally it does and you’re forced to interact with it, and it goes poorly for your uncle, and you’re left feeling you need a shower from existing in the same plane of existence. You know?

All in all, that person is weird at best, absolutely egocentrically fucking insane at worst, and all around just pretty horrible to have to experience an interaction with. It can be best summed up with this image;


But to end this answer on a light note, wanna hear a joke?



Theres nothing wrong with being a lolicon? And so what? Canonically speaking no Rin and Komari and Riki and Kyousuke arent gay for each other so I dont see how not thinking they are makes you a homophobe. It just means you agree with the original canon instead of some silly crack pairings. 

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